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September, 2013 | Swillygroup
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September 2013

Towing a Trailer – Are You Legal?

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The Swilly Group is running a number of FREE information evenings on the regulation around towing of Trailers.  There has always been a cloud of confusion around the requirements on towing a trailer with a car, van or Jeep.  “Am I legal?” is a common question thrown out by many a confused farmer, landscaper or construction contractor.  There are a number of checks that need to be carried out before you can be confident you are driving a legal trailer-vehicle combination.

The first check to be carried out is whether the driver has the correct licence category for the trailer vehicle combination?  A car licence (category B) allows a driver to tow a small trailer up to a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of 750 Kg and in some cases slightly higher under certain conditions.  For heavier trailers the driver is required to hold a BE category on the licence.
The trailer size is then restricted by the manufacturers’ specification, which is up to a maximum trailer gross weight of 3,500 kg.

The second check is whether you are compliant with the Manufacturers Specifications regarding the weight being transported by the Trailer and Vehicle combination.  Am I exceeding the Trailer Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)?  Am I exceeding the Vehicle Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)? And finally, am I exceeding the Vehicle Gross Train Weight (GTW)?  The vehicle GVW and GTW will be marked on a small aluminium plate usually positioned inside the door frame of the car, jeep or van.

To find out more on the regulations around towing of trailer, why not attend one of our free seminars.  The Swilly Group is running a number of FREE information evenings on Towing of Trailers on Tuesday 24thSeptember and Thursday 3rd October 2013 at their offices on Business Park Road, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.  To book a place, call (074) 91 51212 or email info@swillygroup.com.