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ADR in an international agreement outlining recommendations and guidelines relating to the safe carriage of dangerous goods by road. The agreement has been adopted by most European countries including but not limited to all EU member states including Ireland.

An ADR Driver Training Certificate is required for any driver who drives a vehicle used to transport dangerous goods by road, for all ADR classes.  To obtain an ADR Driver Training Certificate a driver must complete an ADR training course with an HSA approved training provider (such as Swilly Group) and pass an ADR exam.  The ADR training courses covers the carriage of dangerous goods by road in packages, IBC, in bulk and tanks in all types of vehicles.  The ADR exams consists of 36 multiple choice questions and a minimum of 24 correct answers is required to pass each exam.

All commercial vehicles used for the transport of dangerous goods on public roads are required to have a valid Certificate of Roadworthiness. Tank carrying vehicles are also required to obtain an annual ADR Certificate of Approval.

The Competent Authority for the ADR carriage of dangerous goods regulations in Ireland is the Health and Safety Authority (HSA).  The HSA ( is responsible for the approval of the ADR training providers and enforcement of the regulations within Ireland.

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport  (CILT) of Ireland ( organise and administer the ADR driver exams on behalf of the HSA.The CILT run two ADR driver exams in Dublin and one ADR driver exam in Galway and Cork every month.  Two ADR driver exams are run in Letterkenny every year in March and October.

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