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The Driving test is designed to test your knowledge of the Rules of the Road and to determine whether you have the skills to drive a vehicle safely, competently with due regard for other road users and in compliance with the Rules of the Road.  To prepare for the driving test you should carry out the following:

  • Purchase and Read a copy of the Rules of the Road Book
  • Complete a course of pre-test driving lessons with a Swilly Group instructor
  • Practise what your instructor advises you to under the supervision of your driving mentor
  • Apply for your driving test when you instructor advised you to do so.
  • Make sure your vehicle is in good mechanical order and all lights, secondary and primary controls are in full working order
  • Make sure all your vehicle documentation is in order (NCT, Tax, Insurance, etc)

The preparation and practice that you carry out prior to the test is vital to your success in passing the driving test.  The majority of drivers who fail the test do so because they are under prepared.

“Fail to Prepare – Prepare to Fail”

Swilly Group also offers Mock Driving Test allowing you to go through the procedure and experience the feeling of doing the driving test.  Our instructor will give you feedback on your performance and advise you on how to address your weaker areas.


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