The Swilly Group Coach Driver with Guiding was delivered as part of the SOLAS funded Momentum II project established to serve the Long Term Unemployed.

This programme was a multi faceted programme which aimed to address the needs of Passenger companies servicing the ever growing tourist sector.  In July 2014 Swilly Group secured funding from SOLAS under the Momentum II for 72 places to deliver the programme in Donegal, Dublin and Kilkenny.

Prior to Swilly Group Coach Driver with Guiding programme there was no formal Bus/Coach driving courses being delivered in the Republic of Ireland.   The unique selling point of the Coach Driver with Guiding programme was that it was designed in direct response to the needs of employers.  The programme addressed the skills gaps identified by employers and supported the learners in developing these skills making them attractive employees for passenger transport companies. 

All of the certification offered met the skills and requirements of the employers in this industry sector.  The Learners benefited by obtaining the following certified vocational training matching what real employers wanted thus creating real employment opportunities.

Driver CPC Card
The Driver CPC card is a mandatory requirement for professional drivers.  Employers in this sector would not employ drivers who do not have a Driver CPC card.

Coach Driving Licence (category D)
The Licence Category D driving licence is a mandatory requirement for driving Buses or Coaches.  Employers in this sector would not employ drivers who do not have full bus/coach driving licence.

GLUAIS Certificate in Transporting Elderly and Disabled Passengers
GLUAIS training is required for the transporting of elderly and disabled passengers.  This qualification is required by many Rural Transport Schemes throughout the country.

RoSPA Certificate in Advanced Driving
The completion of the RoSPA advanced driving course and test provided learners with supplementary driving skills that will improved their chances of securing employment.  It was envisaged that advanced driving training would go some way to reducing the disadvantage of ‘lack of experience’.

Certificate in Fuel Efficient Driving
Swilly Group provided fuel efficient driver training to all participants on the programme.  Employers are very conscious of the fuel usage of drivers as it accounts for circa 30% of the running costs of a typical transport operator.  Having this training made the learner a more attractive prospect to employers.

QQI/FETAC Certificate in Guiding
Many coach drivers are employed by touring companies to transport oversees visitors around Ireland.  The Guiding qualification made our Coach drivers more employable, particularly during the touring season.

FETAC Certificate in Customer Service
Customer Service skills has been identified by employers (and their representative groups) in the passenger transport industry sector as a core skill.

FETAC Certificate in Occupational First Aid
Training in occupational first aid is a necessary qualification when transporting passengers.  Having drivers (employees) with Occupational First Aid Training allows employers to meet their statutory Health and Safety requirements. 

The Coach Driver with Guiding programmes achieved a 64% positive employment progression which was one of the highest outcomes achieved by a employment support programme in the country.

The Swilly Group Coach Driver with Guiding programme was short listed for the “Best Back to Work Initiative” in the Irish Institute for Training and Development (IITD) National Training Award.