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Refine Your Professional Driving Skills and Compliance

Swilly Group’s Driver CPC Periodic Training is essential for professional lorry and bus drivers aiming to comply with European legislation and excel in their careers. Introduced in Ireland in 2009 to align with EU Directive 2003/59/EC, the Driver CPC regulations ensure that professional drivers maintain high driving and safety standards. Take this opportunity to complete periodic training with an RSA-approved provider like Swilly Group.

Enhance Your Professional Driving Capabilities:

Our detailed Driver CPC Periodic Training covers all six mandatory modules, designed to broaden your expertise and ensure you remain at the forefront of the transport industry:

  • 1. Control of Vehicle and Eco Driving Techniques: Learn to optimise vehicle control for safety and sustainability.
  • 2. Minimising Risks and Managing Emergencies: Equip yourself with strategies to reduce risks and handle emergencies effectively.
  • 3. Health and Safety of the Professional Driver: Prioritise your well-being with health and safety practices tailored to driving professionals.
  • 4. Role of the Professional Driver in the Transport Industry: Understand your critical position within the broader transport industry.
  • 5. The Professional Truck Driver: Specialised training focusing on the unique requirements and responsibilities of truck driving.
  • 6. The Professional Bus Driver: Tailored content for bus drivers, emphasising passenger safety and service excellence.
driver cpc periodic training
driver cpc periodic training

Who is the Course for?

  • Existing Professional Drivers: If you were a fully licensed lorry or bus driver before implementing Driver CPC regulations, this training course is vital to maintaining your Driver CPC card.
  • Drivers Seeking Excellence: Beyond compliance, drivers dedicated to improving their skills, safety awareness, and professional development will find invaluable insights and advancements through our training.

Take the Next Step:

Join the ranks of professional drivers who choose Swilly Group for their Driver CPC Periodic Training. Don’t just meet the minimum requirements; exceed them and set new standards for safety and efficiency in your driving career. Book your place now and ensure you remain compliant, competent, and competitive in the transport industry.

FAQ: Swilly Group’s Driver CPC Periodic Training Courses

What is Driver CPC Periodic Training?2024-05-02T16:35:27+00:00

Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) Periodic Training is an ongoing requirement in Ireland, introduced in 2009 to align with European law (EU Directive 2003/59/EC). Professional bus and lorry drivers must undergo continuous training to maintain and enhance their skills and knowledge. Specifically, drivers must complete one day of training each year for five years to renew their Driver CPC card.

Who needs to complete Driver CPC Periodic Training?2024-05-02T16:36:18+00:00

Swilly Group is an RSA-approved training provider that offers comprehensive Driver CPC training across all six periodic training modules:
1. Control of Vehicle and Eco Driving Techniques
2. Minimising Risks and Managing Emergencies in the Transport Industry
3. Health and Safety of the Professional Driver
4. Role of the Professional Driver in the Transport Industry
5. The Professional Truck Driver (specifically for truck drivers)
6. The Professional Bus Driver (specifically for bus drivers)

Why choose Swilly Group for your Driver CPC training?2024-05-02T16:36:43+00:00

Choosing Swilly Group for your Driver CPC Periodic Training ensures you receive top-tier education from an RSA-approved provider with decades of experience in professional driving instruction. Our courses are designed to comply with legal requirements and enhance your driving skills, safety awareness, and industry knowledge, ensuring you remain at the forefront of the transport sector.

How can I book a Driver CPC training course with Swilly Group?2024-05-23T13:16:44+00:00

You can book the course directly by clicking on the BOOK NOW button on this page. If you require more information, feel free to call us by clicking on the CALL NOW button of send us an enquiry by completing the “Request a Callback” form.

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